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Brampton Stitch N'Bitch [31 Jan 2011|05:50pm]

[ mood | tired ]

Wow, it's been forever since I've been on LJ, I'm not sure anyone really uses this anymore since there haven't been any posts...buuuut, it can't hurt to try ;)

Well this Sunday we had our first SnB at Coffee Culture in downtown Brampton! Finally! It's a great group so far and we're hoping there will be a few more joining us. The coffee was de-lish too!

It was funny, when we went in I saw a few other people knitting in there and was surprised that they weren't our group! We, of course, decided to ask them to join us next time ;) Hey, the more the merrier, as they always say!

I wonder why we don't see that more often in Brampton?

Anyways, i would like to invite all Brampton knitters and crocheters to join is Sunday afternoons (We were thinking 3pm, but earlier is ok too). I promise that you will have a great time, old or young and anywhere in-between! It's a pretty diverse group and we are still a work in progress, but it was a fun afternoon and I'm looking forward to going again next week :)

Add me on Ravelry (BerryNaNa) for more frequent updates!

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Интернет Ярмарка TARG.com.ua Редкие и волшебные вещи [11 Oct 2010|12:14am]

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The largest Ukrainian fair things handmade invites!

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Frequently asked questions about the Fair http://targ.com.ua/faq/
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Интернет Ярмарка TARG.com.ua Редкие и handmade вещи [10 Oct 2010|12:42am]

Прохожий, заглянувший на нашу Интернет Ярмарку TARG.com.ua , – пройдись по нашим торговым рядам! Такого ты больше нигде не найдешь. На нашей Ярмарке есть всё: от украшений и одежды ручной работы, до редких и волшебных товаров заморских артелей. У тебя есть вопросы?
А может быть ты Мастер, желающий продать работы сделанные своими руками? Или ты Торговец, что привез редкую вещь из заморских земель? Регистрируйся, открывай свою лавку и торгуй

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ACTS OF KINDNESS [10 Oct 2006|12:16pm]

For Soldiers:
www.the shipsproject.com/Home.htm

For the Homeless:

For premature babies:

For Troubled Teens:
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Brampton Freecycle [01 Sep 2006|10:25pm]



Freecycle is a group/program that you can give away or receive free stuff. A few people have gotten yarn, so even though it isn't directly knitting/crochet/whatever fiber art you do related it's close enough ;)

Besides, you might find something you like!

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Crochet Bikini Top [19 Jul 2006|03:13pm]


I have a friend who lives in Serbia where there is not a lot of ethnicity and she likes to be different..so she is now obsessed with rap and rasta parapharnalia. SO, I decided to make her a belt and bra-top in her new favorite colours!
I didn't take pictures of the belt, but it was about 2 and a half inches thick in 3 stripes of red yellow and green. Oh, and it was knit ;) no buckle holes though.
But I Did take pics of the bra-top, I did it freehand without a pattern. It looks a lil wonky, but she liked it  and that's all that matters!
pics behind the cut

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[01 Jul 2006|08:58am]

hi ya!
my name is daisy and i live just outside of orangeville, ontario. so i hope that still qualifies me. :D
i learned to crochet as a little girl but then never picked it up again til a few years ago, now i'm highly addicted.
i was also given a knifty knitter for my last birthday and that's fun too.
i took knitting lessons when i was 12 or something like that with a group of cranky ol' ladies at this yarn shop in my old hometown. i didn't like it at all b'cuz the ladies kept poking me with their knitting needles if i did something wrong.
so i've been wanting to learn it again, in a less fascist environment i hope. ;D
but right now crocheting, sewing (i make tons of clothes and accessories) and beading keep me pretty busy.

anyway, i realize this is a wee little community but i was so excited to see something from my area-ish that i thought i'd give it a whirl.

thanx muchly!
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YARN! [26 May 2006|05:12pm]


I bought 20 balls of yarn from Numei for just 30 bucks! A bag of 10 balls was 19.99 (silk & wool mix) and another was just 9.99 (100% cotton)
Hopefully they will turn into a nice sweater/jacket thingy...
They must be having some kind of sale here is the link: http://www.numei.com/

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vintage crochet [14 May 2006|06:10pm]

I was just looking around and found this site full of i guess "vintage" a crochet patterns, thought I'd share :)

A lot of them are corny, but there are a few cute ones =0)

Also, I just finished my amigurumi frog,
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New Community [06 May 2006|04:14am]

[ mood | excited ]

Welcome to Bramptonknits, a brampton crafting community.
This community was newly created today, so so far it isn't very informative, obviously lol
Anyways, I hope to get more posts...I don't know anyone from Brampton that knits or crochets yet, hopefully this will help other crafters to get to know eachother! If you have any questions, feel free to post them here.
I've been knitting for about 2 years and crocheting for about the same. Before I got into yarn and stuff, I was a hardcore beader ;) hehe. Well, not sure what else to say but I thought it would be a good start to introduce myself!


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