Brampton Knitters and Crochet Community

Brampton Knitting & Crochet Community
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If you are from Brampton or surrounding area and practice any kind of fibre arts, then this community was created for you.
Feel free to use this community to post crafty meetings in your area, finished projects, questions or just to meet and chat with fellow craftsters!
If you have any suggestions to make this community better, please post your comment and I will try my best to accomodate your request. Thanks for taking a look! =0)

** R U L E S **
1) When posting large or multiple pictures, please use an LJ cut;

<lj-cut text="Description of Project"> [ your image here ] </lj-cut>

2) Be kind! Please do not insult others work. Everyone has different opinions, when stating yours, try not to be rude. ;)

3) Please do not post copyrighted materials.

4) Have fun and be creative!

Feel free to recommend this community to a friend! Link: http://community.livejournal.com/bramptonknits/